Next generation of foodies: Korea 2

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I’m sure I warned you that Korean cuisine is my favourite! So you might be seeing more then a few recipes from Korea here….. In my quest to grow the next generation of foodies, having them try and like different…

Trattoria il Gabbiano

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On one of my first Italian ‘eating’ trips with Richard, he insisted we pass through Viareggio just so we can go to Trattoria il Gabbiano and have their ‘carbonara di mare’. It wasn’t exactly in the direction we were travelling,…

Ristorante Darsene di Loppia

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Today is my anniversary. 4 years ago today, Richard and I quickly got married before Gaja popped out of my belly… We did our official ceremony after Gaja was born, in South Africa in January, but the official date of…