Kazuhiro Katase


While in Japan we took the train to Nagoya and then drove to a city called Toyota, in the Aichi Prefecture, to meet with artist Katase Kazuhiro. We met at his studio, which he calls “Zahen shinpen”, which roughly means…

Oji Masanori

Miki's Picks, Ventures

I love the simplicity of Japanese design. Such beautifully designed objects, but also so practical at the same time. One designer who combines these 2 aspects perfectly, is Oji Masanori. A good friend of mine was kind enough to introduce…

Satomi Noda


It’s amazing how things work in this world. The last time I was in Japan, my friend took me to an amazing restaurant. The chef overheard me saying I want to go to Tsukiji market and offered to take me…