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Who would have thought you could get so excited about a chicken in a basket? On one of my first trips with my husband, we were going to pass the Gotthard tunnel and as soon as we mentioned going via the Gotthard tunnel his eyes lit up and he says ‘Oh my god! We can go and have the ‘pollo al cestello!’ which means ‘chicken in a basket’. I kind of looked at him blankly…. I get excited about all sorts of food, but not about a roasted chicken… I started to doubt whether he was as serious a foodie as I was. ‘Just wait’, he said… I rolled my eyes thinking a chicken in a basket is NOT going to excite me!

Anyway off we went on our trip and we stopped at Pouletburg for our lunch. Richard was so excited he could hardly contain his happiness. I walked in with very low expectations. Basically you order half chicken in a basket, with plain sauce or spicy sauce. Of course we went for the spicy sauce. The basket arrived with chicken and french fries in, and you basically just eat with your hands. I started to eat it and oh my god! The sauce was amazing and the chicken so juicy! I quickly ordered extra spicy sauce so I could dip every single bite of chicken into plenty of the most delicious spicy sauce, which is apparently a top secret recipe.

The restaurant is located near the Gotthard tunnel and is basically a stopping place for anyone going from North to South or South to North… They are open from 11:30 to 23:30 and they are super famous for this one dish that they serve.

On this trip where we are driving from Italy to London via Zurich and Brussels, the first thing I said when planning the trip was, ‘we get to go for the chicken in the basket!’ We went with all 4 kids and ordered our usual spicy sauce for ourselves and the plain sauce for the kids. All 4 of them were totally silent while inhaling the whole juicy chicken and deliciously crispy french fries.

Now I trust my husband 100% when he suggests a restaurant and mentions how good it is. I have no doubt in his taste, if he can even find a chicken that tastes this good!

For anyone traveling nearby, I recommend making this quick lunch stop!


Kirchweg 6
6468 Attinghausen
Tel. +41 41 870 21 84