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As I often say, I don’t get to have date night with my husband very often, so having one in a place like Tokyo is like a dream come true! Although I spent 12 days in Tokyo with my girls, Richard was in Shanghai working during the week and only came to meet us on the weekends. So, he only had a few meals to enjoy in Tokyo, and we only had one date night, so I really needed to choose the right place… Thanks to my friend Eiji, who I know I can totally trust with food. He was the one who took me to Ozaki, the last restaurant I wrote about, and he was the one who suggested and booked a table for us at Kanazawa. Or should I say he booked 2 seats at the counter, which of course is the best seat, as you get to see all the action.

When arriving at Kanazawa, I felt like I was going to some sort of underground hidden gem. Many restaurants, like this one, are situated down a small staircase, in the basement, with a small door entrance. It’s not exactly brightly lit with so called ‘welcoming’ colours. You really have to know where you are going, you don’t just stumble across it. The restaurant is quite small and there was the chef and the manager. As we walked in the manager immediately said ‘Hi, are you Miki-san from Italy?’. My friend must have warned him we were coming;)

Richard was so happy to learn that they actually specialise in sake since these days he’s all about sake! The manager, Koji Matsubara, is an expert on sake and very passionate about it when he explained each one to us, and we managed to taste 5 different types, during the course of our dinner. Sake just goes so well with Japanese food, but we both don’t know much about it, so we really enjoyed hearing him explain each sake in detail.

The dinner was amazing, we went for the ‘omakase’ menu, where the chef decides the course. We were presented with beautiful dishes course after course, all tasting incredible. That together with Mr. Matsubara recommending the perfect sake for us for each course… it was perfection.

We mentioned how much we liked the final sake that we tasted, and Mr. Matsubara was kind enough to offer to check to see if he was able to get a bottle for us, and if we wanted to pick it up in a few days time. We also loved the sake glasses we were drinking from, basically a wine glass but with a shorter stem, which is nicer to drink sake with. I had never been served sake in these sorts of wine glasses before but decided for my next sushi party at home I would like to, so ended up ordering through him some of these glasses too!

We had a great evening. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone living in Tokyo, or planning to visit there in the near future!


1-7-7 Azabujuban Minato, Tokyo, Japan
東京都 港区 麻布十番 1-7-7 はせべやビル B1F