Salmon miso ramen (or udon)
  1. 1L Water
  2. 20g dashi powder
  3. 2T mirin
  4. 2T shoyu sauce
  5. fresh or dried shiitake
  6. 2T miso paste
  7. 300g salon (or chicken or beef)
  8. 10 snow peas sliced lengthways
  9. 120g fresh ramen or udon
  10. 20 baby spinach leaves
  11. 2 spring onions, chopped
  1. For the broth, boil the water, add the dashi, mirin, shoyu and shiitake and simmer 5 minutes. In a small bowl, mix a ladleful of the hot broth with miso paste, then pour back into the soup.
  2. Cut the salmon into cubes and poach gently in the broth around 4min. Add the peas, 2min.
  3. Cook noodles in water, drain & divide into bowls. Scatter with baby spinach and pour the broth into each bowl and scatter the spring onions.
  1. You can adapt the dish in any way you like, adding any type of vegetable, eggs, anything!
Two Little Piggies by Miki Nava

How can I go on any further with this section, without another recipe from Japan! I apologise in advance if my recipes are leaning more on the Asian side… that's my background so I can't help it!

Ramen is every kids favourite, isn't it!? At least most kids in Japan… Ramen is a noodle dish that was originally imported from China, but has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Ramen-ya's (noodle shops) can be found in almost every corner of Japan. Ramen-ya's usually have sit down tables as well as a counter where you can sit and eat, or in some, just a counter where to stand and eat. Oh and one thing to note when eating ramen in Japan…. Eat it quickly while it's super hot. Don't linger and don't talk while eating, you don't want your noodles to get soggy. It is NOT rude to slurp, in fact you MUST slurp. Slurping is in fact an art… Try to slurp your noodles without getting your face all wet. It's nearly impossible, unless you're born into the art of eating ramen. Practice makes perfect though, and I have to say my husband is now a pro at slurping!

I have to admit that there are ramen-ya's open any hour of the day, and you usually find yourself stumbling into one at 3am after a night out drinking with friends… or at least I did in my pre-kids life! Most ramen-ya also serve gyoza (chinese dumpling) and beer to have with your ramen. It's one of those things, like not being able to find good Italian coffee outside of Italy…. I seriously struggle to find an authentic ramen-ya outside of Japan! Ask anyone who used to live in Japan what they miss most, they are most certainly going to say the ramen-ya's!

Ramen is usually categorised by their soup, with the most popular being:

Shoyu - seasoned with soy sauce
- seasoned with salt
Miso- seasoned with soybean paste
- seasoned with pork bones which have been boiled down until they dissolve into a cloudy white broth.

I love ALL of the above…

I make ramen a lot at home cause it's a guaranteed hit, and you can throw all sorts of things in to make it nutritious as well. For the recipe here I used salmon because my kids love salmon…but the more traditional would be pork. You can use anything though, pork, beef, chicken… I also always throw in an egg as well. And then add whatever vegetables I have lying around in the fridge. But here I will give you my standard salmon ramen recipe.

My kids love ramen so much they even ask to have it for breakfast sometimes…. My teenage nieces and nephews also ask for it for breakfast or even just a quick snack in the afternoon. You can basically eat it any time of the day! Try making this recipe for your family and let me know how they enjoy it!

Have you been to an authentic ramen-ya in Japan? What's your favourite kind of ramen?