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As soon as I planned my trip to Japan, I emailed my 2 school friends in Tokyo, Eiji and Nobu (we went to boarding school in Switzerland together, many many years ago…) to say that I wanted to go out with them one night to a special Japanese restaurant, and for them to pick where to go. After going back and forth with some options, they decided on ‘Ozaki Yukitaka’. I am so happy they did!

I walked in to meet my friends and loved the place instantly. A cosy room with a wooden counter, and a chef, just for us. There is only one option at Ozaki, the ‘omakase’ menu, which is basically a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. All we had to do was choose our preferred drink and we sat there, dish after dish being presented before us by chef Koji Sakoda. He explained in detail what each dish comprised of. Not only was each dish beautiful to look at, every dish tasted amazing.

I asked chef Sakoda, what the meaning was behind the name ‘Ozaki Yukitaka’. I initially thought it was the name of the owner but then he told me that ‘Ozaki’ comes from the famous Ozaki beef, considered to be one of the best beef in Japan. ‘Yukitaka’ comes from Yukitaka Yamaguchi, the renowned tuna supplier of Tsukiji market, which I will write about in another blog. No wonder everything tasted out of this world!

Chef Sakoda then told us that he goes to Tsukiji market every single morning to see what they have and then decides what the course menu would be. He makes original (Japanese based) food using seasonal fish and vegetables. He said it should be a ‘marriage’ between the tradition and the feeling, which should also express the season.

Honestly it was one of the best meals I’ve had. Of course you can expect the best cut beef and the most mouth watering tuna available, considering the name of the restaurant. I also loved it when the chef put out 2 small bowls of rice in front of us and asked us to taste each. Then we had to tell him which rice we preferred more. Once decided, he gave a bowl of the rice with a soft egg, and truffes shaved on top. That was my first experience of a ‘rice’ tasting!

I was then talking to my friends saying how I wanted to go to Tsukiji fish market, when Chef Sakoda said that as he goes every morning, I can come with him if I wanted. I could not resist such a great opportunity! I agreed immediately and we fixed a date. His charming wife who was serving us the food in a beautiful kimono, also said that she would come with us. I was so excited to go and tell my husband that the following week we were going to Tsukiji market with an amazing chef and his wife, to experience the place first hand!

For anyone in Japan or visiting Japan, I highly recommend Ozaki Yukitaka for a special night out! I will definitely be back on my next visit, as my husband is so upset he missed the dinner, he has made me promise to take him there on our next visit! I will happily oblige…

Ozaki Yukitaka
3-3-13 Azabujuban Minato Tokyo
東京都 港区 麻布十番 3-3-13 M2Kステージ B1F
Tel: +81-3-5413-4129