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Today is my anniversary. 4 years ago today, Richard and I quickly got married before Gaja popped out of my belly… We did our official ceremony after Gaja was born, in South Africa in January, but the official date of our marriage is today, 17th August. We got married at the registry in Lugano, Switzerland, then drove across the border in our classic car and my full on about to explode belly, together with our intimate party of 10, over to Menaggio in Italy. We then took a taxi boat across Lake Como to Bellagio to one of our favourite restaurants. It was one of the most romantic days of my life (I guess anyone would say that about their own wedding day!:)

Ristorante Darsene di Loppia still remains one of my favourite restaurants and whenever visitors come, I often take them there and it never disappoints. It is situated in Bellagio, in a quiet corner away from the crowds. Bellagio is one of the most beautiful and romantic places according to me… You can reach Bellagio by car, by ferry, or by taxi boat. You can also rent boats and drive yourself over there too, which we have done a few times, having a quick swim in the lake on the way! For my wedding we rented a taxi boat as it was 10 of us (the perfect limit for a taxi boat) and we wanted to make the night extra special. The restaurant has a small intimate patio outside where you sit. The menu is small but everything on the menu is delicious and beautifully presented, I have never had a bad experience!

Every time we go, we have a perfectly intimate experience on their beautiful patio in the shade. There are not many tables so the whole setting is very intimate. The night of our wedding, we were sitting there at the table and in walks George Clooney and his then-girlfriend (the American wrestler…). We tried to keep our cool and not cause a fuss but of course we were quite star-struck and needless to say all our wedding guests were more interested in George Clooney then our actual wedding. Richard always says that George Clooney gate crashed our wedding and stole the show! In any event we had the most fantastic dinner and all our guests were impressed (also that we managed to invite George to our wedding!:)

Right by the restaurant is the famous Giardini di Villa Melzi, the most beautiful botanical garden, along the lake. Definitely worth going to and walking around before or after your meal, depending on whether you got for lunch or dinner.

For anyone visiting the area, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner, you will not be disappointed!


Ristorante Darsene di Loppia
Via Melzi d'Eril 1
22021 - Bellagio - Lake Como
Tel: +39 031 95 20 69

Giardini di Villa Melzi