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Every year before going back to South Africa, I ask my sister which restaurants she recommends, and for her to book some places for me beforehand. As we always go to SA during their prime season (summer), it’s always important to book a few places before getting there… With SA being one of the top holiday destinations these days, it’s hard to get bookings at most restaurants last minute…

First place she took me to this time was The Table at De Meye. The set up of this place is perfect. They are situated on De Meye wine farm, the tables set on the grass under the oak trees. The restaurant is only open 3 days a week for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is one set menu of 3 courses which changes weekly. They select ingredients from their own vegetable garden as well as from local farms and producers. The dishes are served in large sharing platters, in the middle of the table.

They first brought out the homemade breads and fresh farm butter - oh my god, if even the butter tastes this good, I couldn’t wait for the actual food! The meal started with a beetroot tarte tatin, using beets from their own vegetable garden. Delicious!! I didn’t even want to move onto the next course, I would have been happy to just eat that whole tarte tatin myself! Then followed different types of salads, all from their vegetable garden. I wish I could make salads that taste THAT good… For the main course we got a dry aged beef, slow braised for 8 hours and served with creamy polenta, and served with fresh vegetables. The dessert was some kind of tart (I can’t believe I don’t remember the exact name, but I dove into it way too quickly to actually take note) with stewed peaches and homemade ice-cream - I’ve never tasted ice cream that good, and I live in Italy;)

It was such a relaxing long lunch under the oak treats, it was perfect. This time I didn’t take my kids but it’s also a perfect place to go with kids and I have been trying to book a table to return with my husband and kids but as I said, as they only open 3 days a week for lunch, and as it’s one of the more popular destinations in Cape Town, it’s super difficult to get a table, so make sure you plan ahead and book in advance!

The beetroot tart tatin was so delicious I managed to track down the recipe to try and recreate the dish for my dad’s birthday this week… Lets see how that one turns out…

All in all it was a perfect day and a place I will be returning to without a doubt!

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The Table at De Meye
Elsenburg Road, Muldersvlei, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Tel: +27 (72) 696 0530