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I often complain because Richard travels so much for work… But as much as I complain, there IS one positive side… Whenever he’s travelling within Italy, he comes home with the most amazing food from different regions. If you thought that I love food, just meet my husband… Anyone who knows him would understand when I say there is such excitement in him whenever he tries something new or good, and the happiness in his eyes when he shares with people his new discoveries.

Often he comes home from his weekly trips in Italy with boxes full of food or wine. I am not complaining!

My favourite is when he comes home with white truffles. There’s just something about white truffles that I love… And I love it when I wake up and he’s cooking me scrambled eggs with white truffle - what a luxury to wake up to that smell!

White truffles are only available a few months of the year, from October to December in certain parts of Italy. This adds to the high price, together with the fact that it is very difficult to hunt for. Much harder then black truffles. Usually a truffle hunter with a dog with hunt for the truffles. The dogs are specifically trained to sniff out truffles. Whereas traditionally it was the female pigs that were used for hunting, since truffles smell like testosterone to the lady pig, making it easy for them to sniff out. However the problem with pigs is that they eat the truffles and don’t want to give it away! Therefore now they use dogs that have been specifically trained…

White truffle is not often cooked, as the flavour lies in the strong aroma. You would just slice them thinly (I need him to buy me a truffle slicer on his next trip!) on top of whatever dish you prepare. My favourite is with scrambled eggs or tagliatelle.

Delicious 😀