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When I told people I'm going to Indianapolis, they looked at me with this blank face… then said why on earth are you going to Indianapolis!? Well, my reason for going was to see my high school roommate and her boyfriend (now husband), from 25 years ago! I don't really care WHERE it was, the point was to go see my friends. Trish and Nik have been together since high school, Trish was my roommate at boarding school in Switzerland, and she had a big crush on Nik. They ended up getting together at school, and staying together all these years, 25 years later, with 2 beautiful daughters. Anyway, my point is that I didn't really care where I was going, I was so excited to see them and have our daughters meet up! I really didn't have any expectation for Indianapolis, and the more I saw the way people reacted when I said I was going there, I really figured that this would just be a trip to see my friends, and not a foodie trip.

Luckily I was wrong! Who would have thought, but I was so impressed with so many different places in Indianapolis. A lot of places are starting to use great local ingredients and a lot of imagination and inspiration to make a difference.

My first love for the place was when we walked into Milktooth for breakfast. Milktooth is a classy 'diner', if you can even call it that. They offer brunch and lunch and have a seasonal menu which changes frequently. Jonathan Brooks is the chef/owner at the restaurant, and I loved watching him orchestrate the whole kitchen and produce some funky dishes. He mixed a lot of sweet and savoury and somehow everything seemed to match perfectly. I ordered the chorizo rioja & manchego dutch baby pancakes with almond romesco, burnt scallions, dates and greens. Oh my god. Delicious! Nik ordered the same, took a bite and mumbled under his breath 'there's a party going on in my mouth!'. I just ordered some scrambled eggs for my girls and they inhaled it in 2 seconds and asked for more. We were sat right in front of the chef, watching him produce all sorts of dishes while we ate, my husband couldn't resist walking up to the chef and asking him all sorts of questions about the dishes coming out, and then of course ordering more and more!  He started with the cranberry walnut & raclette grilled cheese with black truffle honey & local sunny duck egg, then ordered some oysters and finally some pork liver... Of course we all helped him finish everything off, and needless to say, we skipped lunch and had a very light dinner that night!
Milktooth was named in Bon Appetit's list of America's 50 best new restaurants, and I am not surprised!

One day while there, we didn't want to go out so they took us to Goose the Market to buy some stuff we could have for dinner. Amazing. Goose the Market is a specialty food and wine market. Everything looks amazing. Downstairs they have a big table where you can taste wines, beers, and where you can have some cold meats and cheeses as well. We were so surprised when we saw some nduja, our favorite!  Which they said they make there, but which is a Calabrian specialty salame.  (We are actually going soon to the small town of Spilinga to discover more this 'local treasure'!).  We were so happy choosing all the delicious food there and had an amazing dinner at home with some nice wines.

Another super cute place we went to for lunch was Bluebeard, who also get their ingredients from local farmers. The place is named after a Kurt Vonnegut novel, and serves sandwiches, snacks, charcuteries, and cheeses and the menu changes daily. They have a nice casual place you can have lunch, and next door a big bar area that you can eat in as well. The staff were super friendly and helpful. I had the Panzanella salad, which was with peaches, arugula, basil, shallot, heirloom grape tomato, manchego, grilled croutons, peach herb yoghurt vinaigrette and was delicious. My kids had juicy hotdogs and loved it.

Next door to Bluebeard is an amazing bakery called Amelia's where they bake fresh bread daily, and a bunch of other amazing looking pastries and cakes. They make the bread for Goose the Market, Milktooth and Bluebeard! We walked in there and Soraya jumped on the delicious looking chocolate cookie, Gaja on the fresh croissant and myself on the croissant cinnamon roll! We then bought some nice fresh bread for dinner so we could finish off all the amazing stuff we bought at Goose the Market a few days before!

All I can say is, to all of you who looked at me like I was going to space, when I said I'm going to Indianapolis, this place is fast becoming a new foodie destination, don't mock it!


534 Virginia Avenue
IN 46203, USA
+1 317 986 5131


Goose the Market
2503 N. Delaware St
Indianapolis IN 46205, USA
+1 317 924 4944


653 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203
+1 317 686 1580


653 Virginia Avenue
Indianapolis, IN, USA