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Last year when we went to visit one of my favourite designers, Oji Masanori, we met him in his house outside of Tokyo. In Japan of course the houses are smaller then what you would get in the Western world, but what I noticed most about his house was how amazingly he used every space and also used a lot of his own products as well as those of his friend, and fellow designer, Rina Ono.

While we are now busy renovating our apartment here in Italy, I like to take a lot of inspiration from him and his designs. I love how he always uses the same tableware for his children as well (yes, I follow him and his wife on Instagram, always watching how beautifully they use their own designs). I am so sick of using plastic plates for kids, that are so ugly. Why not teach them from a young age to use beautiful tableware and to respect what they are using and teach them how to handle them with care. Oji said he uses a lot of the wooden tableware products from Takahashi Kougei (designed by both himself and Rina Ono) for him and his kids.

When I asked what product of his he uses the most, he mentioned he uses the Jicon mugs every single day while brewing his coffee in the Nelcco coffee brewing machine (also designed by him together with Mr. Morimitsu, the coffee master of Café Bimi) . In fact, I have to say that out of all the products, I also use on a daily basis the beautiful porcelain Jicon mugs. It puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning!

I have definitely started to think carefully about all the tableware I want to have in my hopefully soon to be renovated apartment, and my motto would be to only include things that 'sparkle joy' as Marie Kondo would say... And Oji Masanori's designs and products definitely sparkle joy!

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