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We just celebrated Gaja’s 4th birthday! I was so worried because the weather forecasted rain, but we were lucky that most of the day remained dry, with just a few little showers. I don’t know what I would have done with 15 adults and 15 kids INSIDE the house, but anyway this is my worry at every birthday party that I plan;)

It was the first birthday party that Gaja actually understood what was going on and got all excited about the whole planning process. She came up with the theme ‘Flowers’ and helped make all the decorations before hand. She packed all her party packs and invited her 2 best friends from Kindergarten too, so not only Mommy’s friends and kids this time! 😉

I have to admit I cheated a bit for this birthday party. Firstly my good friends and my ‘birthday committee’, Carla and Gina weren’t able to make it to the party. They usually come the day before and help me organise all the food and decorations. This year it was just me as Richard was also traveling and only returned the night before. So I took a few shortcuts;)

Thank god we have the best butcher (who I wrote about recently) right down the road so I ordered a platter of cold meats (prosciutto, salami, mortodella) to start with. I also asked them for some roast beef and asked them to prepare it for me. So all I had to prepare was the chicken drumsticks Midori style, named after my mother as it’s her specialty, a few different types of salads, my usual cauliflower fritters from the Ottolenghi recipe book, and the cupcakes. And a quick bicycle ride to the local market to get some good bread and cheeses! Oh and a quick call to my friends at Tenuta San Marcello to order their delicious white wine!

I couldn’t be as original as I usually am with the cupcakes…. again I cheated a bit. Firstly because I was running out of time, and secondly because Gaja insisted on helping with the cupcake decorations, so it was all becoming one big mess! And at the same time, Soraya was trying to eat all the cupcakes!  But we managed to make it look presentable enough… 😉 And they tasted delicious so no one complained!

All in all it was a great day, the only thing missing were Gaja and Soraya's brothers, Andrea & Alessandro, who couldn’t make it to the party and were greatly missed 🙁

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