Soraya's 2nd birthday theme was CATS, because she is so obsessed with cats.  These parties are becoming more and more successful.  I have my great friends helping me with all the cooking (perfect that one is a trained chef!) and have to say these parties are properly catered for grownups rather then being a standard kids party with hotdogs…  The menu for this party was, chicken & beef satay, spring rolls, Thai beef coconut salad, chicken green curry, prawn red curry, and I also made Japanese curry and chicken katsu (Japanese breaded & deep fried chicken) for the kids who weren't able to handle the spicy curries! We then ended it off with cupcakes and hello dolly's (chocolate coconut pecan bars). 

Lets just say, no one left the party hungry… In fact, some stayed on for dinner and we had a homemade pizza party!