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What I love about Zurich, amongst other things, is all the gorgeous concept stores and coffee shops they have. It just seems a bit more advanced then some other cities in Europe. They are much more open to shops showcasing beautiful products from individual unknown designers rather then focusing on a brand name itself. They seem to understand good quality. It doesn’t have to come from a brand. And they appreciate handcrafted objects, with a story behind…

While exploring through Zurich I came across a gorgeous concept shop, you could tell that each item was selected carefully and each piece just seemed to fit perfectly into the shop. As you walk into the shop, you just get a nice feeling. When thinking about the kind of shops that I would love to display products from Two Little Piggies, this is what I had in mind.

I am happy to say that until the end of May, Opia is also showcasing select products from Two Little Piggies.

Here I share my interview with owner Claudia:

Q: What is your professional background, and how did you come up with the idea of creating your shop, Opia.

While I did my design degree (product designer specialised in scenography) at the university of applied science and art (ZhdK) here in Zürich I went to Bangkok for an exchange term - I loved it there that much that I stayed for another half year as a trainee with a multimedia designer. Through my work there I met many local designers and - imagine pre social media and onlineshop age - I got to see a different way of approaching design. Back in Switzerland I was often asked where I got my outfits from. This is when the idea was born and I started in 2008 toghether with my husband a store for selected asian design. I always had a passion for fashion and love to suround myself with beautiful unique pieces - I don’t like the things that everyone has, I think this was the force that drove me throuout the years.

Q: You have gorgeous items on display in your shop, from all different parts of the world. How do you source new products and discover new designers?

Magazines, traveling, recommendations and nowadays also often Instagaram. Though I would never buy something that I have not touched before.

Q: What is the key ingredient you look for, when selecting products for Opia?

Uniqueness - original designs that are thought out by a team or a single designer - not me too pieces - craftsmanship, quality and it has to appeal instantly, trust your intuition!

Q: What is your clientele? Which types of people do you have a loyal following from?

Likeminded people that appreciate exactly the criterias described above. Many of the customers have a backgournd in creative fields/industry.

Q: What are your future plans for Opia?

Cooperations and collaborations. We celebrate 10 years now - so there will be some surprises but I don’t want to tell too much here.

If you are ever in Zurich, I recommend you go and visit her shop! She constantly changes her products, and there are always gorgeous items on display. 


Lagerstrasse 72
Zurich 8004