Takahashi Kougei

At Home with Oji Masanori

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Last year when we went to visit one of my favourite designers, Oji Masanori, we met him in his house outside of Tokyo. In Japan of course the houses are smaller then what you would get in the Western world,…

Rina Ono


When we were last in Japan, I was very excited to meet with Ms. Rina Ono. I had already been exposed to Rina’s work and was particularly in love with her ‘Cara series’ so I was naturally looking forward to…

Oji Masanori

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I love the simplicity of Japanese design. Such beautifully designed objects, but also so practical at the same time. One designer who combines these 2 aspects perfectly, is Oji Masanori. A good friend of mine was kind enough to introduce…