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I used to go quite often to Zurich for work, a day or two of meetings and then straight out. I liked it because I got to see my good friend Gina who lives there, but besides that, I never really fell in love with the place. I know Zurich always comes up on the top 10 places to live…but for me it was just an expensive and quite boring place to go. Until my recent visit. On our drive from Italy to the UK, we stopped for 2 nights in Zurich and stayed with Gina. We spent most of the time on the lake and I absolutely fell in love with Zurich for the first time!

First day we arrived around 5pm and Gina was waiting by her door saying there’s no time to come in, we must catch the boat to go for early dinner on the lake! So off we went, with the 4 kids, straight to the boat. She took us to this restaurant called Strozzi’s, which is a nice casual pizza place overlooking the lake - amazing views. We ordered a bunch of pizza’s and some wine and had a great dinner, with the kids loving it too. Then we took the train back into central Zurich.

Next day the weather was nice so we went to the lakeside to a ‘lido’ called Strandbad Küsnacht. It was perfect for us. They have perfectly clean facilities and water areas for little kids and older kids. They have slides in the water, high diving boards, also a park area. There’s a restaurant there too and the food actually wasn’t bad at all! (I usually have low expectations at places like this!) The kids were kept busy the entire day and we were able to relax a bit too, which in my books, is a very successful day!

In the evening Gina tried to think of a ‘child friendly’ place for us to go. I always stress the point that I do NOT want ‘child friendly’ as in a place with a million other kids and chicken nuggets on the menu…. When I say child friendly I mean that the place is spacious enough for the kids to feel relaxed and therefore behave (at least to a certain degree!). Gina thought of the perfect place. Summergarte. It’s basically a food truck, in the middle of a park, where they do a fish barbecue. They have tables set on the grass, where you sit on the floor, the kids can just run round the park and the place is super relaxed. I absolutely loved this place and recommend it to all, with or without kids! They had a brilliant fish barbecue and on top of it they had a Thai noodle trolley. The kids had the fish and then went CRAZY for the Thai noodles. They couldn’t get enough of it.

Most of the places in Zurich, the kids were able to go on their bikes. Of course with Gaja and Soraya being so little we had to pick and choose the places to go by bike, but overall Zurich is a bike friendly city and easy to navigate. The lakeside is beautiful with so many different lido’s you can choose from, as well as nice places you can eat along the lake.

The only negative side is that I still feel Zurich is super expensive, no matter where you come from…. And overall I feel the people are not too child friendly;) But if you choose your places wisely, then you can have a great time with your family there. I can’t wait to go back to discover more places, thanks to Gina!


Münchhaldenstrasse 19, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

Strandbad Küsnacht
Seestrasse 246, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 910 03 78

Militärstrasse 49, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 77 455 12 90