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This summer my family fell in love with Greece, and with Antiparos in particular. I had never been to Greece, and couldn’t understand what all the hype was about. Now I understand. I have to admit, we only explored around the island of Antiparos, but I am sure there are many other beautiful spots to discover in Greece as well.

The beaches are gorgeous. We rented a car the first few days and then became a bit wiser and rented a small boat in order to discover all the little beautiful beaches and caves you couldn’t get to by car. This was the best decision and it was such fun exploring with the kids. The water is crystal clear and so beautiful to swim in. We found many amazing restaurants with traditional local cuisine which we really enjoyed. Our favourite restaurant in the town was Statheros Taverna, a family run taverna near the port of Antiparos, with delicious home cooked food (the 'fava' is a MUST!). In fact we all loved the place so much we went back several times during our stay. Another place we loved was Captain Papinos, fresh fish right by the sea. The kids kept busy playing by the water and we were always able to enjoy a nice meal there.

It’s hard to find holiday destinations which are friendly for kids (but not too friendly as you don’t want it to end up with too many kids there!), interesting for adults, good food, good temperature, friendly people, not too expensive…. the list goes on. With Antiparos everyone in our family enjoyed it. The people are super friendly and relaxed, so you don’t feel stressed walking into restaurants with kids. In fact they welcome you, and enjoy having children around.

On the one day I got a few hours free from the kids, I made sure to go check out all the shops on the main shopping street. I fell in love with 2 stores. The first is a little design shop run by an interior designer with great taste . She promotes Greek designers for jewellery, ceramics, and other objects. A perfect place to go to, and find a special little gift for yourself. The other shop I loved was a clothing store called Angel. They also had a section from Greek designers which I loved and wish I got more things there! I will just need to return….

Ok, I can’t say getting there was the simplest task. We took a flight from Milan to Mykonos. Then took a ferry from Mykonos to Paros, and then a boat from Paros to Antiparos. Yes, it sounds like a nightmare but it actually wasn’t. And I’m saying that, even after traveling with 4 kids. The kids thought of it as an adventure and loved the ferry and boat rides. It actually kept them entertained and curious the whole journey.

The kids still talk about our trip there, and keep asking if we can go again next year. I don’t see why not!?


Statheros Taverna
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Captain Papinos

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