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I started becoming interested in Scandinavian countries at the same time I started becoming fascinated with Japanese designs. In my opinion there is something similar between the Japanese and the Scandinavian designs and both seem to have a great respect for each other. So when a very good Danish friend of mine invited us to spend the summer with them in Hornbæk, Denmark, I jumped at the opportunity. I was interested to go see some real Danish furniture, as well as other Danish designs, but I knew the opportunity to actually go furniture shopping was very limited, with 4 kids in tow, but at least I wanted to start getting a taste of Denmark as a country!

We stayed in Hornbæk which is a seaside resort town, originally a small fishing village, but gradually became the summer destination for people in Copenhagen. Hornbæk is an ideal destination for a family holiday, with their sandy beaches and super relaxed atmosphere, and it’s only a 40min drive from Copenhagen.

The kids were so excited to visit a real castle, the Kronborg Castle, which is known as Hamlet’s Castle, as this is the castle where Shakespeare set Hamlet in. The Kronborg Castle is situated in Helsingør (Elsinore), which was a short drive from Hornbæk. I was excited to visit the Street Food Market (Værftets Madmarked) which is located in one of the halls of the former Elsinore Shipyard. Here you can find long tables where you can enjoy the food and drinks from several different stands with the street food concept.

While in Denmark there was no ways I could go home without visiting Rungstedlund, which is also known as the country house where Karen Blixen lived most of her life, and which is now a museum. Karen Blixen is the Danish author who wrote ‘Out of Africa’, an account of her life while she lived in Kenya, probably one of my favourite movies of all time, and for sure my fathers favourite movie by far - he starts tearing up just by hearing the theme song from the movie…. What a beautiful movie. If you cross the road from the museum, it takes you to a cute little harbour where you can have a nice lunch.

We spent a lovely day walking around, and on our way back we stopped at Restaurant Sletten, a definite recommendation for anyone visiting the area. The restaurant is located in the old town of Sletten, directly overlooking the harbour and the sea. We had a relaxed early dinner, while the kids were able to play in the harbour and keep busy. The food was amazing, and beautifully presented. The restaurant is actually owned by the chef team behind the Michelin-star restaurant former B in Copenhagen, somewhere I need to plan to return to, without the kids next time!

Since we drove to Denmark just so we can have our bicycles with us, we made sure to have quite a few cycling days while we were there. The scenery is gorgeous, and it was a perfect way to spend our holiday. The one day we went to Havreholm Klatrepark Til Tops which is where you can find zipline tree top courses for all levels. Even Soraya was able to enjoy it!

We only managed to get into Copenhagen without the kids for one day, so Richard and I rushed to see some furniture. I can officially say that I am in love with Carl Hansen and all his designs. Our plan was to window shop and look around the whole city but in fact we got stuck in one shop and couldn’t manage to see anything else, thanks to his beautiful designs….. At least we managed to go for a super traditional Danish lunch of herring, smørrebrøds & snaps at Gitte Kik , thanks to our friend.

All in all I can say that I am in love with Denmark and we will definitely return. Next time I would like to discover more about Danish designs, but on this trip it was near impossible with all the kids. I need to start thinking of an action plan! 😉


Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle


Gitte Kik

Restaurant Sletten
Restaurant Sletten

Havreholm Klatrepark Til Tops