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We travel to Dubai a lot since whenever we go anywhere, we usually fly Emirates and therefore fly via Dubai. We always stopover for a few days for Richard’s work, and also it allows us to get the kids to rest when it’s a long journey. I used to live in Dubai, pre-kids, so know the place well, but of course those were my single days, so I am only now starting to get to know how fun Dubai can be with kids.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to do in Dubai with kids, because the list is endless. And depending on the age of your kids you can do so much more. We are a bit restricted because the girls are still quite young, so we don’t go to the big water parks, etc just yet.. maybe next year..

When the weather is good I prefer to just go to the beach and let the girls run around freely. They love playing in the water, with the sand… you really don’t need much else. I usually just go to The Walk, JBR. I love what they have done with that area. So many nice restaurants, so much space to walk without worrying about cars. I end up going there on every visit, the kids play around then when we get hungry we usually go to the restaurant Eat Greek which I love.

But in Dubai half the time we go there the weather is just too hot to spend on the beach all day, so unfortunately we need to think of some alternatives. Last time we went to Kidzania. Oh my god, kid’s heaven! I love the whole concept. Basically they have created an environment where the kids role-play. They perform ‘jobs’ and get paid for their work. With that money they can then shop or be pampered or entertained. It’s like a whole city, with dentist, firemen, doctors, police officers, shop keepers, etc. They have really done it perfectly. Kidzania is in most countries, not just Dubai, so you should definitely look it up.

Unfortunately Soraya was in one of her bad moods during our visit and refused to ‘work’ for money, but Gaja had a great time being a dentist, then working in a juice factory to make juice. She then spent her hard earned ‘money’ at the beauty salon. When lunch time came the only option in there was McDonalds… not my favourite to say the least, but at least they made it fun by making Gaja and Soraya dress up as employees and make their own food. The girls loved it! Or should I say Gaja loved it, Soraya decided that its not her thing…. Maybe next time she will be in a better mood and enjoy it some more! All in all, I loved Kidzania and would definitely visit again.

Whenever we are traveling, I like to get the girls haircuts, for some reason I never get around to this when at home and busy with the daily routines… In Dubai the kiddies hairdresser is great. We go to Tickles & Giggles, they entertain the kids while they get a haircut (all you need is Peepa Pig for my kids…) and the whole haircut experience is totally painless and actually fun. They also have a kids nail salon there, which we avoided, even though the girls would have loved that! They do birthday parties there as well, I thought the staff were extremely friendly and good. After the haircuts they gave them a balloon each and we walked out of there with the girls smiling from ear to ear.

This is just what we did over a 2 day stop-over. In reality there is so much more to do, we really wanted to go to Lego Land, but the weather was way too hot. Maybe next time!


Level 2, The Dubai Mall
Dubai, UAE

Tickles and Giggles
Sadaf 1, Plaza Level, The Walk JBR
Dubai, UAE

Eat Greek
The Beach The Walk on JBR
Dubai, UAE