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Kiddie Heaven! Taipei

While I was in Taiwan I was amazed at how many things you could do with kids. During the time we were there, the weather was super hot and humid so we chose a lot of in-door activities. We had so many choices of places to go!

The one amazing thing I saw, was that every kiddies place you go into, at the entrance they spray hand sanitizer on you and the kids hands, and also take your temperature to make sure you are not sick. No shoes are allowed for kids and adults, you have to bring your own socks to wear inside. While inside, if by any chance your kid has a runny nose, they run up to you with a tissue and ask you to wipe their nose. At first I felt a bit annoyed by this whole process but then quickly it made total sense to me and I started to love this system. Back at home, or in fact in most countries I've visited, you get a million snotty kids running around the play centres and making all the other kids sick along the way. Not here in Taiwan!

There are SO many kiddies cafes, kiddies play centres, etc to go to, and each one so perfectly organised and making it quite educational as well.

They have the most amazing sets of doll houses, grocery store sections, with vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, all looking totally real, you get your shopping cart and start shopping and at the end there's a till you have to ring all the stuff through. Beep, beep, beep! Kids love that! There are small cars the kids can ride, with traffic lights so they learn to stop and let people cross the 'road'. There are flying balloon rooms! They have beauty salons. There are sand pits, Soraya spent hours in there, busy busy busy. After you come out the sandpit they have hairdryers there to blow the sand off of you. There are big pools of water where you have to wear rain coats and then you can sit there and fish out the big balls or get a little magnet fishing rod and start fishing out the plastic fish. Again, when you finish the blow dryers are waiting there to dry your clothes if you got wet.. There are slides with lots of balls at the bottom you fall into, there are climbing rocks, there's everything you can imagine!!

The one place had all different sections with different countries, and dress up clothes from different countries. It was so cute seeing the kids run around in all different traditional clothing! There are some specialised in music - they have music stations where you can pick the sounds to put in order and create songs.

There are also some more educational type places where there are weekly classes and courses. I loved Kidchen Club, where you can enrol your kids for cooking courses. Depending on their age you can enrol in different levels. Gaja went for the basic course and loved learning how to cut fruit, make juice, just learning to feel the textures and process of cutting things. She was so proud to serve me her fresh watermelon juice. Of course there are higher levels as well which make proper food.

The best part of these kiddies places are that most of the places have coffee shops and restaurants for parents to enjoy as well.

For a lot of the places we went, I could see that it was the mothers who needed a small break during their day, and some help to keep their kids entertained. On weekends you see families go together, but perhaps while the father is overlooking the kids, the mother is able to rush out and get some personal things done, like a haircut, manicure, etc… Used in this way, I thought these places were amazing. But I think you really have to use in moderation and not make it a standard family-outing. I think it's important for families to bond together by doing some activity together, not always going to play centres. But as I said, for mothers needing a little break during the week, it made total sense to me!


Kidchen Club
No. 713, Section 6, Zhongshan N Rd,
Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
phone +886 2 2874 8825

Bears World
110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 1,
Keelung Rd, 155-B1
phone +886 2 8787 0131

Fun Kids Fun
104, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District,
Lequn 3rd Rd, 289-1F
phone: +886 2 8502 9915

Mr. Tree Station
No. 83, Section 2, Anhe Rd, Da’an District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 106
phone: +886 2 2377 8377

Yoyo's Kids's Castle
104, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District,
Fushun St, 16
phone: +886 2 2586 2730

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