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My husband bought a flat near Kings Cross in 1998 (Camden Square). He told me that the first time he went to the flat with the estate agent, there was a burnt car right outside on the road. Regardless, as it was the only thing he could afford, he went ahead and bought the flat. His vespa got vandalised 5 times and stolen once, right outside his flat. He said at night it was too dangerous to drive with his vespa through Kings Cross to Camden. Kings Cross used to be a notorious red light district, famous for prostitutes, drugs and sex shops.

Now everything has changed. London seems to be moving more towards 'open spaces'. By that I mean more space in the centre of cities. People enjoy being in the heart of the city, but they also want space and some greenery.

In Kings Cross, 67acres of previously derelict land is being turned into 50 new buildings, 20 new streets, 2,000 new homes and a new campus for central St. Martins Arts College.

Granary Square is the main square with water fountains, restaurants and bars. At night the fountains light up and the whole square is animated with over 1,000 choreographed fountains. If its a sunny day you will see all the kids change into their bathing suits and run around the fountains splashing water while screaming and laughing.

They have also made a natural swimming pool in the middle of the development - apparently the UK's first man-made fresh water public bathing pond. You need to book tickets online at the King's Cross Pond Club website to be able to swim in the pond.

There's also a big green space next to the pond called Lewis Cubitt Park, where you will see people relaxing, kids running around and people actually having picnics.

There are lots of events happening in the square such as fashion shows, family festivals, food markets, etc.

We loved our day out there with Gaja and Soraya. They enjoyed running around the place, with no harm as there are no cars around, so for us it was quite a stress free day with the kids.

You wouldn't expect to find such a family attraction in the middle of Kings Cross, but really it has such an amazing atmosphere especially when the sun is out, I would recommend you go check it out! For more details have a look at: