I LOVE travelling with kids…. Ok, maybe not so much the travelling bit, but once I'm at our destination, then I'm happy to have my kids there with me. BUT….. when a good friend offers to look after the kids while I have a day alone in New York with my husband, how could I resist!

People who don't have kids, or whose kids are past the toddler-age, I think have forgotten all the things you cannot do with toddlers… Or things that aren't as enjoyable with toddlers. I love my kids, but my god, they really don't give me a moment to breath, they always want the attention on them, sometimes I just want to scream! So I loved my day in New York without the kids, and was smiling from ear to ear the whole day.

For breakfast we went to an amazing cafe called Buvette. Instant love. Especially when I saw scrambled eggs with caviar on the menu.. When your day starts off with caviar, you know its a great day!

We walked around after breakfast window shopping, or even going into the shops when we wanted, something which is such a luxury for me, to be able to walk into a shop and actually concentrate on the items in the shop instead of constantly just making sure neither of my kids touches or breaks anything, or even escapes out the shop!

As we were walking my husband noticed a small shop of amazing delicate home-ware objects - my initial reaction was to continue walking, as I'm totally not used to shopping anymore. Luckily he convinced me to walk into the shop. Each item you could tell was hand chosen and designed, so beautiful. A simple tea set, a nabe-bowl or even a set of chopsticks with a chocksticks holder looked so beautiful. We started talking to the guy in the shop who we then found out was the owner - a Canadian from Burma, married to a Polish/Vietnamese. They obviously have some seriously good taste - he's an engineer and he travels to Japan and helps design a lot of the objects for sale. We were so impressed with each and every beautiful item in the shop. It was almost like being in an art gallery. We couldn't resist buying a few things for our house, and I'm sure we will return on our next visit..

In the early evening we went to a ramen shop. I had done my research.. The last time in New York we went to Ippudo, so I wanted to try somewhere new. We were going to the theatre that night so I also wanted to choose somewhere close to the theatre. I read about Totto Ramen so we gave it a try. We knew we were onto a good thing when we arrived at 6pm and there was already a queue outside. I LOVED this ramen-ya. We ordered the char shiu pork bun and the mega paitan ramen. We were in heaven.


42 Grove St
New York
United States

2 Extra Place
New York,
NY, 10003
United States

Totto Ramen
366 West 52nd Street
BT.8th & 9th Avenues
New York
NY 10019
United States