We organised a beautiful long weekend with friends (15 adults and 8 kids) on the boarder of Tuscany and Umbria, to experience first hand the 'Spezzatura del maiale', which refers to the butchering of a pig.  What made this weekend so special, was staying at Palazzo di Luglio and being the guests of Giuliano.  I've never met anyone more passionate about their food (and that's a big statement, coming from me!).

Cooking is akin to love. The way you move the pan, stir the sauce, that is how I show my love to my clients. Food is my passion, and serving it to my clients is my passion. And I will do it until my health tells me otherwise.
- Giuliano

We started early in the morning, chopping up the pig, all the kids got involved too, which was great, for them to see where their food actually came from.  For breakfast Giuliano showed us how to cut and cook the ribs, the loin with some belly fat attached, porchetta, liver skewers…. - he sat us down at a big table and popped open some local red wine.  That's when everyone fell in love with Giuliano.  I mean this was breakfast, at 9am after all, and here we were drinking red wine and eating delicious pork!  Except me unfortunately, who was pregnant at the time so couldn't enjoy the nice red wine!

After breakfast we started making the pork crackling, as well as sausages, stinco, prosciutto, etc….  We sat down for lunch, some more red wine, then at night sat down for dinner, some more red wine….

Giuliano is a great host, and I would recommend this experience for anyone!

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