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Richard and I couldn’t have been more excited to finally visit Tsukiji market, together with chef Sakoda and his wife (from the restaurant Ozaki Yukitaka). He goes there every single morning to source fresh produce for the restaurant. We quickly walked in, firstly to the fruit and vegetable section. The most beautiful fruits and vegetables you can imagine! The friendly man at the fruit stand let my girls taste the pear and they both kept screaming for more more more please! As if they had never tasted a pear before… But it’s different in Japan. Even the fruit is of the highest quality. Although we did get quite a shock when we bought a few pears for such a high price! We really made sure we fully enjoyed those pears!!

We then walked into the fish section. Big mistake to bring the kids. Gaja started gagging immediately so we had to find a place outside where the girls could stay while we explored inside the market. Yes, it’s no place for kids that little, the next time I know… There’s so much activity going on that you really have to watch where you walk, strong fishy smell, there’s massive fish getting chopped into pieces, blood splashing everywhere, wow how exciting! I was loving it!!

Chef Sakoda started walking to his usual stalls and luckily since we were with him, each person we met there explained in detail what they were doing and what was going on, almost like getting the ‘behind the scene’s’ of Tsukiji market! As we were walking to where I saw lots of tuna, Chef Sakoda’s wife whispered to me, ‘there they have the best tuna in the whole of Japan.’. Then she giggled and added…’ which means, the best in the whole world…’. We arrived and I can’t even describe the amazing cuts of tuna we saw. I met the head of the tuna empire, Yukitaka Yamaguchi (from who the restaurant Ozaki Yukitaka also gets its name, as I mentioned in my previous blog) and had to take a cheeky picture with him, since in the tuna world, he is a total celebrity;) He is also involved in a sushi restaurant called ‘Sushi Tokami’ in Ginza, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2014 (also with a branch in Hong Kong). That will definitely be on the list of places I need to visit on my next trip to Japan!

While in Tsukiji market, of course we wanted to eat some sushi! So we went over to the small sushi counter, so small that you have to squeeze inside and quickly eat as there is a huge queue of people waiting to be seated outside… we had some of the most amazing sushi. Apparently the Tuna King, as I call him, Mr. Yamaguchi had called them before we arrived, so we got the super special treatment! Here my girls were also able to enjoy, and they both kept eating all the chu-toro (medium fatty tuna) that was put in front of them! I am so happy my girls seem to enjoy Japanese food as much as I do…

It was great we got the chance to visit this amazing fish market before their planned move to a new location. It was everything I imagined and more!


Tsukiji Market
Address: 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3542-1111