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What do you eat for breakfast in America? This is a difficult question as the answer is so varied. There are so many different choices, here is a few:

* Toasted bread, bagel, english muffin, topped with butter, jam, jelly or cream cheese.
* Yoghurt or cottage cheese with fruit.
* Cold or hot cereal.
* Eggs - scrambled, poached, or an omelet.
* Pancake or waffles, buttered and served with maple syrup.
* Smoked fish such as smoked salmon, trout, herring.
* Hot breakfasts are usually served with meats such as bacon, ham, sausages, corned beef hash, as well as potatoes.

My experience is mostly based around New York/New Jersey, as that's where I visit most in the US.

In New York you can find all kinds of places for breakfast. New Yorkers love a bagel with lox- Lox is a fillet of brined salmon and is usually served with cream cheese, sliced red onion, and capers. This is what my husband usually gets and loves. If I go into New York without the kids, I love to go into one of the cafe style places for breakfast. I absolutely love Buvette, which I've written about before in my blog titled 'A day without kids… in New York' Otherwise we just jump into the many places offering quick breakfasts, and I love getting egg and bacon sandwiches. I have a total love affair with bacon. Can resist it.

New Jersey is famous for diners and is known to be the 'diner capital of the world' and has more then 600 diners. Diners are family style restaurants that serve traditional old fashioned American food. Very simple, affordable and basically serves everything, any time of the day! When we stay in New Jersey we end up going to quite a few diners for breakfast. My kids love ordering pancakes. While they gobble their pancakes down, there is the sound of total silence… They are so concentrated on their pancakes, dipping every bite into maple syrup. YUM! The portions always seem to be WAY too big at diners, but their pancakes are so good I allow my kids this one special treat once in a while;)

What's your favorite breakfast spot!?