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I recently had a birthday and my one friend gave me a beautiful bracelet. I loved how the little bracelet was packaged, in a little bag with the logo with a big C and 4 dots inside the C. I told her I loved the logo, and she said the logo represents C for the designer named Chiara, and the 4 dots signify her 4 children. I loved that! I asked if I can meet Chiara as I wanted to see all her other jewellery designs and also wanted to meet this lady with 4 children, who still manages to create such beautiful work! What an inspiration!

My friend took me to Chiara's house and they showed me all her designs. Wow. I wanted everything. Seriously, every design is so beautiful and so delicate, a perfect place to come to buy any present you may need for the ladies in your life! (Someone please tell my husband to read this page too!! 😉 When I asked her where her inspiration comes from, she said she's inspired by her environment - her friends, magazines, from her travels.

'My dream is to go in India and China. Since I have 4 kids I can't right now but very soon I am sure I will do it!'

We then sat around drinking ginger tea at her beautiful home in Lugano, Switzerland, and the very gorgeous and elegant Chiara started to explain all her work and her passion for jewellery making. She initially studied economics but her true passion always lay in jewellery design. From a small age she would always make things with her hands, creating little beautiful things. She had put her passion aside for a while in order to study economics (which seemed like the right thing to do) but it was always in the back of her mind. One summer when she was very pregnant with her second child, she was on the beach and a lady came around selling some jewellery. She didn't exactly like the taste of this woman, but the jewellery was all handmade, and this suddenly woke up Chiara's passion. She bought a ring from this lady, went back to Milan and immediately went to buy a machine to make jewellery and she immediately started designing and producing jewellery, learning all the steps along the way.

I couldn't resist buying a few of her pieces, and told my husband as soon as I got home, that he needs to meet this Chiara as well!

For the moment Chiara sells her jewellery by hosting events, but soon she will be selling online as well. She is concentrating on traveling around Europe doing events and introducing her jewellery. If you would like to see Chiara's work you can have a look at her website and follow her on Instagram