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It’s amazing how things work in this world. The last time I was in Japan, my friend took me to an amazing restaurant. The chef overheard me saying I want to go to Tsukiji market and offered to take me and my family, together with his wife. I then mentioned later on to him that I wanted to meet Japanese artists in order to introduce their work and start collaborating with them for my online shop. I would want to meet the artist, see their work, speak with them, and only then proceed further if the feeling was right. He then told me that he would introduce me to his contact, who in turn knows various ceramic artists. This is how I ended up going to Nagoya and meeting Satomi Noda.

We visited her at her home in Nagoya, where her studio is. We immediately sat down in a small tatami room and she started showing us her work one by one. As you can see from the pictures here, it is not difficult to explain why I fell in love with her work instantly.

Here is my Q&A with Satomi:

Q: How did you start getting involved in making pottery?
A: I had the chance to see many exhibitions and saw many types of UTSUWA which were far from my image. I decided I wanted to make what I want.

Q: I know in Japan there are many different types of pottery. Can you let the readers know a bit about your type of pottery and the technique involved?
A: My work is Porcelain. By not using Glaze, I emphasise the feeling of clay itself.

Q: What is most important to you, when making the pottery?
A: I believe in Minus rather than Plus, I try to make simple wares with my personality showing.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Trees, Tree barks, old branches, rusted metals, etc. I like the aged appearance.




樹木、樹皮、枯れた枝、錆びた金属 など…。

I really love how the world works. If you are open minded and welcoming, the possibilities of meeting wonderful people and artists are endless! I am super excited to be collaborating with Satomi Noda in the near future.

Take a look at more of her designs in the links below.


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